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The gathering on March 21 was in part a strategy session to plan for the fast-food movement’s next big wave of protests, which is now scheduled for April 15. But the meeting was also seeking to be something far more ambitious. Through some strategic alchemy, the organizers hoped the gathering would turn the fast-food...Lees verder
Initiatiefnemer van de sociale mediacampagne #dailyracism is filosoof en activist Bleri Lleshi. Volgens hem komt de campagne niets te laat. “Uit een onderzoek van het European Agency for Fundamental Rights blijkt dat zevenendertig procent van de bevolking in de Europese Unie geconfronteerd wordt met racisme of discriminatie. Van die zevenendertig procent is er tweeëntachtig...Lees verder
“We went down because that’s where Nigel’s local is, and for far too long he’s been spreading prejudice and hate, targeting communities with sexism, racism, homophobia, HIV prejudice, Islamophobia and a whole lot more. We’d had enough, so a group of us got together to make a celebration of diversity down at his local,...Lees verder
The Department of Justice’s investigation of the Ferguson Police Department has scandalized the nation, and justly so. But the department’s institutional racism, while shocking, isn’t the report’s most striking revelation. More damning is this: in a major American city, the criminal justice system perceives a large part of that city’s population not as citizens...Lees verder
We join the ongoing struggles in the UK, Europe and the world to reject this system that has changed not only our education but our entire society. From the occupations in Sheffield, Warwick, Birmingham and Oxford, to the ongoing collective takeover of the University of Amsterdam– students have made clear that the current system...Lees verder
As the general election campaign gets underway we are already seeing politicians calling for more of the same policies. More workfare. More sanctions. Yet we know that these policies have been a total disaster. It is shameful that workfare and sanctions are supported by all the main political parties. This is why we are...Lees verder
The PKK’s thinking is strongly essentialist. Women and nature are often equated, and following this, “woman” is identified with motherhood. Women are assumed to have certain characteristics as women, such as empathy, an abhorrence of violence and a closeness to nature. These qualities need to be taught to men so that patriarchal society can...Lees verder
Capitalism not only creates the conditions for wage theft and precarious labour but – through patriarchy as a mutually reinforcing process – it also defines what can even be characterized as labour and ties human worth to wage-labour productivity. Single mothers become marginalized as “unemployed” and “uncontributing” when they are in fact, as scholar...Lees verder
Kobanê is meer dan een symbolisch bastion tegen de IS. Het is ook de hoofdstad van één van de drie kantons, die bevrijd zijn door lokale Volksbeschermingseenheden. Terwijl de wereld geobsedeerd is door de strijders van IS, is hier te midden van de puinhopen van de burgeroorlog een grassroots-initiatief ontstaan voor een inclusieve, participatieve...Lees verder
Some lives matter more than others: the “hierarchy of death”, they call it. The millions killed, maimed and traumatised in the Democratic Republic of Congo are surely at the bottom of this macabre pile. The country was the site of the deadliest war since the fall of Adolf Hitler, and yet I doubt most...Lees verder
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