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Logo van de mars. Op woensdag 10 september organiseert het Amsterdamse actiecomité DwangarbeidNee een mars tegen dwangarbeid. Na een lange strijd van het comité, dat is opgericht door Doorbraak, de Bijstandsbond en leden van de SP en de FNV, kwam er in het nieuwe collegeakkoord te staan: “We stoppen met onbetaald werk”. Mooie woorden, maar nu de daden...Lees verder
In an astonishing and genuinely sad day for the trade union movement, the TUC have teamed up with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to issue a statement supporting unpaid work. The TUC have sided with the bosses to sing the praises of the Tory Traineeship programme. This unpaid scheme can involve up to...Lees verder
Right populist Machiel de Graaf. Doorbraak activists regularly talk to unemployed people and forced labourers about the misery they experience every day. From time to time it emerges that they put their faith in Geert Wilders. “The PVV is the only party defending our rights against the government”, they will say. The former VVD (conservative liberal party) politician who...Lees verder
p5rn7vb The new Minister for Murdering Disabled People, Nick Harper, has teamed up with David Cameron this week to boast about huge numbers of disabled people being sent to work without pay, often for profit making companies. The gushing press release forms part of the DWP’s cringe-making Disability Confident campaign, the latest gimmick to...Lees verder
Het doet me een beetje aan Wild West-films denken. Dan had je ook de good guy en de bad guy. En op het hoofd van die bad guy werd dan een premie gezet. Wie hem “dead or alive” kon opsporen, kreeg de premie. Dit is hetzelfde principe. Straks gaan we nog premies invoeren voor...Lees verder
Post. Na talloze mislukte sollicitaties, na zoveel afwijzingen wilde mijn reïntegratie-ambtenaar mijn kansen op de arbeidsmarkt vergroten. Liever gezegd: ietsje minder piepklein maken. Ik mocht een cursus op het gebied van het digitaliseren van archieven gaan volgen waarmee ik later in een postkamer zou kunnen werken, als ik tenminste geluk had. In postkamers van bedrijven...Lees verder
Ireland’s government has ignored the vast evidence of the welfare to work industry’s failure in the UK, and instead are on a path to repeat the same mistakes. We know, for example, that a harsher system of sanctions creates destitution and hunger. We know that forced, unpaid work placements lead not to more jobs...Lees verder
By 1998, nearly 40,000 New Yorkers were assigned to WEP, cleaning parks, streets, city office buildings, sanitation garages, and doing a wide range of clerical tasks… Getting rid of WEP does not mean stopping helping poor people enter the labor market. It means starting to do so, without exploiting welfare recipients and without displacing...Lees verder
What is broadly termed ‘workfare” has been in existence in some form or other since at least the mid-80s, but in its current form – six complementary work schemes – it can be understood as a key element of the restructuring of capital, with a specific role in disciplining and punishing the “reserve army...Lees verder
“This case is another massive blow to this government’s flawed and tawdry attempts to make poor people on benefits work for companies, who already make massive profits, for free”. So said Public Interest Lawyers yesterday after the High Court ruled that the government’s emergency retrospective legislation, introduced in 2013 – so as to apply...Lees verder
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