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Students present the chancellor of the University of Utrecht with a petition against blackface. The University of Utrecht has its own academic section for human rights research and expertise: it is called the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and they host various workshops, lectures, and seminars. In 2016, this human rights section hosted the AHRI conference. You might expect that an academic institution that believes in human...Lees verder
Nog steeds blackface in de klas. The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights is an institution which exists to expose, monitor and protect human rights, promoting compliance (including equal treatment) into practice, policies and legislation, and seeking to increase the awareness of human rights in the Netherlands. However, to be able to increase awareness of human rights, you need to first...Lees verder
Logo. How are complaints handled about the mayor of Utrecht taking part in a blackface parade? What happens when a complaint about this mayor was made to the anti-discrimination bureau Artikel 1 Midden Nederland? And what happened when the complaint was made directly to the Utrecht city council? The complaint about the mayor, made to...Lees verder
Ethics of care (for yourself and for others). Many of my academic friends on Facebook have shared the blogpost “How to get rid of your academic fake-self?”, and I can see why. I as well sympathise with its message. Honestly, I wish more of my colleagues would be like its author. Their view of what academic work is really about, and what...Lees verder
Vlag. I was on vacation last week, when the awful news from Charlottesville reached me. A lot of sensible things have been said and written on these events, and on the need for a militant, broad, and international(ist) antifascist movement. It is often (and rightly) argued that such a movement also requires a stronger, physical...Lees verder
Yesterday in Utrecht. Yesterday in Utrecht some sixty people participated in a protest against MP Thierry Baudet’s sexism and racism. They shouted slogans and listened to speeches and raps by a number of activist women. Here’s the speech by Domi. We are here, because we are not going to let any misogynist racist come to our cities...Lees verder
Yesterday, the Darfur Union and Doorbraak organised a demonstration against the violence in Sudan and the EU policy of migration control. Mariët van Bommel from Doorbraak held the second speech. Here are the video and the text of her talk. Hello, I am Mariët van Bommel and I work at Doorbraak. Doorbraak is a...Lees verder
Op het Plein. Yesterday, the Darfur Union and Doorbraak organised a demonstration against the violence in Sudan and the EU policy of migration control. The first speech came from Mark Akkerman of Stop Wapenhandel, an independent research and campaign organisation against arms trade and arms industry. Here are the video and text of his talk. Imagine having...Lees verder
The pamphlet (bigger version below). Doorbraak has taken the initiative to form a block of jobless and flex workers during the May 1 demonstration of the trade union FNV. The May 1 celebration of the trade union is all about “real jobs”. With this separate block, we want to make it clear that there are also “real” jobless and...Lees verder
Petition. C’est ridicule. Avaaz fait circuler une pétition pour remercier le “peuple néerlandais” (quel que soit le sens de ce mot) pour “avoir choisi l’espoir, l’unité et le dialogue contre la haine, la peur et la vieille rhétorique fasciste”. Ils prétendent même que “en rejetant Geert Wilders, vous avez contribué à arrêter partout l’ascension de...Lees verder
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