6 december, Wageningen: discussion “Crisis, austerity, unemployment between social collapse and social uprising”

Activists in Greece.

(Op 6 december organiseren Doorbraak en het infocentrum Wageningen een bijeenkomst met internationale studenten. De voertaal is Engels, en vandaar deze aankondiging ook.)

Four years after the beginning of the crisis the people in most European countries still struggle with the consequences of the financial sector bankruptcy. Responsibility is trickled down from governments to the individual as cuts in welfare benefits, rise in taxes and increasing unemployment are a present reality for people in southern European countries, but also quickly materializing in northern Europe. What can an individual do in face of these injustices?

Open discussion
6th of December 2012, 19:30 hr
‘Common barrack’
Droevendaalsesteeg 77

The open discussion, led by the Wageningen Infocentrum and Doorbraak, focuses on current examples from Greece, Spain and the Netherlands to picture the social impact of the crisis and how individuals can organize and take action against a repressive political agenda.