18 maart, Den Haag: The rise of the far right – what’s the real story?

Uiterst rechts onderonsje.
Uiterst rechts onderonsje.

Op dinsdag 18 maart organiseert het Critical Collective een bijeenkomst over de opkomst van extreem-rechts in Nederland. De voertaal is Engels.

“The rise of the far right”
Dinsdag 18 maart 2014
Aanvang: 19:00 uur
Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Kortenaerkade 12, Den Haag
Aula A
Toegang gratis

Uit de aankondiging op Facebook: “With municipal elections coming up this year, Critical Collective presents a special edition of its ‘What’s the real story?’ to examine the effects of the rise in popularity of the far right in the Netherlands. In order to understand this European trend, we want to question the following: What is the context in which the far right takes social-political ground? How has the far right normalized and used racist rhetoric to draw away attention from other pressing issues like corporate tax evasion, the bank bailouts, increase in military spending and the breakdown of social welfare? What are the common myths frequently used to draw support from the Dutch public and what realities do they omit? How have political parties across the board both benefited and influenced by the rise in popularity of the far right? How has the agenda of the far right intensified exclusionary policies like racial profiling, police violence, cutting of social services that disproportionately affect the most vulnerable (people of colour, migrants, single parents, the disabled and homeless)? And last but definitely not least, how does resistance look like in the Netherlands?”

Eric Krebbers