212 duizend Britten in elkaar geslagen wegens werkloosheid

People on benefits have been beaten up, denied bank accounts and made homeless after being demonised as “scroungers”. Devastating research reveals that four years of Tory-led war on the poor – and the recent TV series Benefits Street – have taken a terrible toll on the most vulnerable in society. A YouGov survey shows:
– Up to 212.000 have been physically attacked because they’re on benefits
– 6% say their children have been bullied at school because the family gets state aid
– 16% of claimants have been turned down for a home, and
– 11% have even been shunned by their own families
Now charities are calling on the Government to change its callous tone and stop trying to create a divisive battle between “workers and shirkers”.

Susie Boniface in 212,000 people ‘beaten up for being on benefits’ after being demonised as scroungers (Mirror)