Politie en leger ingezet tegen “allochtonen” in Amsterdam-West

In his desire to know all about kinship ties, political networks and the innermost aspects of the lives of these people in order to optimize policing, he started to collaborate with the army and military personnel were sent into the neighbourhood to conduct observations on the four ‘target groups’ in the area: people originating (and presumed to be originating) from Morocco, Turkey, Surinam, and the Dutch Antilles. In an official document (the ‘Plan of Action’) I accessed through my research, it was stated that information (i.e., ‘intelligence’) needs to be gathered about kinship ties, political affiliations, cultural values, religion, race, gender, age, and so forth. Such information was deemed necessary to determine what ‘lines of persuasion’ would be more successful to ‘influence target groups psychologically.’ Subsequently, an analysis is made of the ‘weaknesses’―‘lost integrity’ is given as an example―of a target group, which is also deemed to be useful information for such kind of manipulation. In short, what we’re facing here is a full-blown psychological operation, jointly executed by the police and the military, against non-western minorities in a Dutch neighbourhood.

Paul Mutsaers in From the Field: Psychological Operations and the Policing of Migrants in the Netherlands (Border criminologies)