25 februari, online: activism workshop “No Planet No Pride”

“We recognise that becoming an agent of change requires effective collective action. For this reason, Leiden Pride, #Voor14, and the Climate Crisis Coalition (KCC) teamed up to bring you this activism workshop. This interactive seminar will offer you open discussions about the intersection between queer issues and the climate crisis, as well as tools towards community organisation”, aldus Leiden Pride op Facebook en Instagram.

“This is a space for connection between different movements towards solidarity and empowerment. The climate movement requires the same brave, strong leadership and commitment that queer folks have brought to the human rights movement. By joining as a queer person, you are sharing the tools and tactics of queer liberation with the climate movement so that we can support and take care of our collective future.”

Donderdag 25 februari
Van 20:00 tot 21:30 uur
Registeren via deze link.

Eric Krebbers