7 juli, Rotterdam: Anti-Gentrification School #3 – Kraken gaat door! Squatting Continues!

“In the previous session, we talked about self-organized community initiatives that are made precarious through temporary rental/anti-kraak contracts and how art is used in gentrification processes, especially in the context of Bospolder Tussendijken”, aldus de oproep van de Anti-Gentrification School.

“This week, join us for an emergency gathering in The Garage, a squatted [kraak] living and social space in the North of Rotterdam. The Garage is threatened with imminent eviction. In solidarity we want to bring AGS to their space and focus on the role of squatting in anti-gentrification struggles, focussing on housing as a right and not as a commodity. How does the ever-increasing criminalisation of squatting [kraken] in the Netherlands feed into processes of gentrification? How can squatting [kraken] be defined as de-growth? We will do some collective reading and talk with members of The Garage about their projects and current situation. The local bakery (Jeroen Bakt Brood) will provide us with bread, bring along dips, snacks or drinks if you are able to contribute.”

Woensdag 7 juli
Van 19:00 tot 21:00 uur
The Garage
Jacob Catsstraat 43B, Rotterdam

Eric Krebbers