Casual UvA re-activates marking strike

In 2022, after eight weeks of a marking strike performed by over 120 junior lecturers across eight departments, Casual UvA – in good faith and a spirit of partnership – agreed to suspend the action following the introduction of a new central HR lecturer policy. Such a move was under the condition of closely monitoring the implementation of the new lecturer policy, paying careful attention to how specifics would be taken up across departments. After a year of close monitoring, we are dissatisfied with the implementation, and as a result with the policy itself, namely the discrepancies between departments and lack of the generous application that was communicated. While we suspended in good faith, we do not feel such faith was reciprocated. Thus, we re-activate the action. What is our aim? To perform a marking strike. We will withhold grades for final assignments of Block 5. All other responsibilities and tasks will be carried out, facilitation of education will continue. Note: we stipulate that any adjacent colleagues cannot be assigned striking individuals’ sections, in principle and in the principle of mediating overwork impact. What are our demands? 1. Permanent contracts, 2. Professional development, 3. Workload transparency. We advocate for emphasis on education as that which underlines structural work, and petition for these conditions to better support employees in junior teacher positions. We encourage leadership, be it department chairs and deans, to respond. We appeal to the CvB to address our concerns regarding the policy and engage in conversation about its further development. Nationally, we express our support for the union’s demands in the current CAO negotiations, namely permanent positions for structural work. We hope university management will join us in supporting this position. We appeal for support from all levels of academia, locally to nationally. We can only end casualisation together.

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