Duitsland: keiharde represaille door honderden agenten tegen vluchtelingen die deportatie wisten te stoppen

On Thursday, May 3rd, at 5:00 a.m. – the day we should have met the press (organized by the director of the facility) – we heard screams and shouts: “Police! Police!” The police forcibly broke open all the room doors (although the doors in the facility cannot be locked), stormed the dark rooms with bright flashlights and shouted, “Police! Police! Hands up, don`t move! Give me your ID and Camp chip card! Do you have a mobile?” Then we were tied up with cable ties and were supposed to lie down on the floor. After checking the identity cards and camp chip cards to identify the people, the police went on and searched our clothes and entire rooms. Before that, they asked us if we had any dangerous weapons or drugs in our possession. Some of us were naked and were forbidden to put anything on – even with colds. We were forced to be quiet and we were beaten when we dared to ask questions. Our pants and wallets were searched. They took the money away from some of us, who had more than € 200. After the raid, 27 people were arrested and taken to another building opposite the police station on the premises of the accommodation. One of the people who was arrested for having unregistered Lyca Sim cards tells how badly they were treated, tied up and left out in the cold. A young woman who brought clothes to her partner was not allowed to help him wear clothes. But another arrested and tied friend helped him while the police watched her. Another friend of ours was forbidden to use the bathroom by the police chief. The same police chief asked another police officer why a refugee was brought into the line of those arrested without their hands tied with cable ties. He also ordered this refugee to be tied up. One by one was interrogated – in the presence of almost 20 police officers with dogs. We were also photographed and then taken to the police station on the accommodation site, where fingerprints were taken. Even one of the social workers was shocked that such a process was being kicked off, for example because of the possession of SIM cards. When the police finally left, there were some wounded who came to the hospital.

refugees4refugees in Was ist in Ellwangen passiert? Ein Statement von den Geflüchteten in Ellwangen (Oplatz.net)

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