Fotoverslag: creatief protest tegen UKIP-chef Nigel Farage (bij zijn pub)

“We went down because that’s where Nigel’s local is, and for far too long he’s been spreading prejudice and hate, targeting communities with sexism, racism, homophobia, HIV prejudice, Islamophobia and a whole lot more. We’d had enough, so a group of us got together to make a celebration of diversity down at his local, to show him what it’s all about, so he knows there’s nothing to be scared of. We had a Muslim call to prayer, an HIV anti-stigma class, a talk from a Holocaust survivor, a jig from a Palestinian dance group, a bunch of Mexicans came along with a piñata, there were language classes, breast feeing mothers, an “It’s Raining Men” gay dance group. You get the idea.” That’s a pretty bizarre line-up. “Well, Nigel has said that breastfeeding mothers should sit in the corner facing a wall, like naughty kids thinking about what they’ve done wrong, so they all came along. When asked which kinds of people should be let in to the UK, Farage said: ‘People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start’, while another Ukipper said people with HIV should be quarantined. Gay rights groups joined us, since one of his chums is convinced that it’s LGBT people who cause flooding. There was an immigrant traffic parade out the front, since Nigel seems to think they’re to blame for traffic-jams on motorways. We even laid on some language classes because he’s shit scared of people he can’t understand having a chat on the train. We wanted to show Farage, and anyone thinking of voting UKIP, that we’re not people to be scared of. This was the point of our little day out.

Michael Segalov in The Guy Who Organised Yesterday’s Protest Outside Nigel Farage’s Local Pub Is Getting Death Threats (Vice)