It’s the end of royal Dutch Shell (as we know it)

Shell flees the Netherlands, but on this planet there is nowhere to run from climate justice. Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden announced today that he will flee the Netherlands and move to the UK. Presented as a “simplification” of its structure, this move will primarily help the directors to evade taxes. Moving the company will not lower it’s emissions, not clean up the Niger Delta or repair the damage done in Groningen and countless other places. For that Shell, “Royal Dutch” or not, should be dismantled. Shell Must Fall will continue as planned with organizing a Shell Must Fall Action Conference on the 27th of November in the Netherlands. Wherever Shell is hiding, we will fight it. (…) Shell will likely try and succeed to evade a corporate ‘exit tax’ and set a precedent for other rogue companies wishing to avoid legal consequences. Now, in a free global market, one can set up shop wherever they want of course. Especially if you’re going through a major identity crisis, changing your name and your scenery is supposed to do you good. But one wonders; after everything that the Dutch state has done for the company, after decades of favours and pampering, is this how Shell expresses their appreciation? Other states should take note: getting too intimate with fossil fuel sector is a one-sided love story, never reciprocal, always extractivist.

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