Waarom er niemand opstond toen die Aziatische man het vliegtuig uitgesleept werd

Would you behaved differently if he had been a 69-year-old white man? I think you would have. We would have seen white people standing up in the aisles and shouting at those officers to stop. We would have seen white people trying to pull him away as they tried to protect him. We would have seen people yelling that they’re going to make sure those officers are fired, that they’re going to make sure United goes under. Yes, you wield your whiteness very well. You understand its power. Why didn’t you use that whiteness as a weapon against the obvious racism that that old man endured? I have to keep reminding you that he is almost 70 years old. He is an elder. He is someone who should be respected. At the very least he should feel safe on a flight in this country. What happened to him is what happens to a lot of people of color here. And no one is safe. Not even a 69-year-old Asian man who was just trying to go home. I challenge you, white people. I challenge you to use that whiteness that you weaponize so well for your own ends… for good. Not for getting your kids into a better school, getting a better table at a restaurant, or getting preferential treatment at work. When are you going to use your whiteness to fight for marginalized people? Are you really scared? Because I’m not sure. Do you care? If you do care, do better. One white person could have stood up and possibly changed the outcome for him. Who was he? Just a man who — like the other passengers — paid for his ticket, boarded the plane, put his seat belt on, and waited for the flight to take off. Not once thinking that he would be dragged down the aisle bleeding while a sea of white faces watched.

WOC & Allies in Failure to act: Will the real allies please stand up? (Medium)