#WEcan: dwangarbeid-promotiecampagne Brits ministerie bedolven onder kritiek

Once again the DWP have been reduced to a laughing stock on social media after their online campaign to promote unpaid work became dominated with comments from those opposed to workfare. The #WEcan campaign aimed to enourage employers to provide unpaid work experience placements for young people. The DWP had also hoped that young people would post up ‘workies’ – apparently the work version of a selfie – on social media alongside their experiences of unpaid work placements. It turns out though that the young were too lazy and feckless even to bother doing that. Minister for Employment Priti Patel must be furious. It wasn’t like this when she worked for the tobacco industry encouraging kids to take up smoking. Instead what happened is that the hashtag was dominated by people furious at a government that seems obsessed with forcing young people to work for no wages. Alongside this many people used the hashtag to pledge to boycott some of the companies named as being involved in workfare, such as @marksandspencer, and @Halfords_uk.

Johnny Void in #WEcan and We Did Fuck Up The DWP’s Online Campaign To Promote Workfare (The void)