1 mei, Utrecht: Mayday-action “Sow the seeds of resistance”

Dear comrades and friends, We call you to radical action for labor rights. Mayday is historically a day of revolt and rising against the capitalist system which exploits workers. We invite you to sow the seeds of resistance and march, strike, and unionize on May 1st. We will start with a march through the city and end at grift park to come together and create community where there will be food, performances, speeches, and stands. Fight not only for your labor rights but for everyone who cannot fight. Fight for those who experience violence by new and old capitalist systems. Strike! Unionize! Direct Action!”, aldus de oproep van de organisatoren “Your local maybeas“.

Mede georganiseerd door Migrante Utrecht, Vrije Bond, F*Word Utrecht, Sexworkers Against Violence & Exploitation (SAVE), Wandelclub 030 en Doorbraak.

Zondag 1 mei
Vanaf 13:00 uur
Vredenburgplein, Utrecht