10 juli, Amsterdam: bijeenkomst over de revolutie in Soedan

Op 10 juli organiseert Ru Paré in samenwerking met de Internationale Socialisten, Sounds of Silence en The Exodus Evenings in Amsterdam een bijeenkomst over de revolutie in Soedan en de solidariteitsbeweging in Nederland.

Uit de oproeptekst: “For the last seven months massive protests, strikes and acts of civil-disobedience organized by the people of the Sudan has been going on in various cities in the country. What started out as a protest against the rising cost of bread/living quickly turned into a nationwide uprising against the 30 years dictatorship of Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir.

Sudan has a history of revolutions and mass protests (1964, 1985 and as recent as 2012). The main body standing behind the organisation of the protests this time, is the Sudanese Professional Association. Women also play a central role in the current protests. The Sudanese masses were able to drive dictator Al-Bashir from power with the help of the army, but the army is still holding on to power.”

Woensdag 10 juli
Van 19:00 tot 22:00 uur
Chris Lebeaustraat 4, Amsterdam

De oproep gaat verder: “In June the army used brutal violence in order to disperse the on going sit-ins organized by the demonstrators in front of the military headquarters in Khartoum. More than a hundred people were brutally killed, many hundreds more were wounded and many raped, men and women alike. The army intends to suppress and eventually end the revolution, using some international support from states like Saudi-Arabia and Egypt.

‘The Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Sudan’ is an evening/meeting with activists, concerned citizens from the Sudanese diaspora in the Netherlands, friends and sympathizers. They will talk about: What does the revolutionary process in Sudan look like? What is the scale of the violence and state repression? What can we do in the Netherlands to organize solidarity? How can the movement succeed?”

Harry Westerink