10 maart, Groningen: demonstratie Internationale Werkende Vrouwen Dag

“On Sunday the 10th of March we are calling for an International Working Women’s Day demonstration under the slogan ‘Join the global fight against the far-right and oppression’”, zo begint de oproep van het Groningen Feminist Network (GFN).

De oproep gaat verder: “We realise that in times of the rising tide of the far-right that threatens our fundamental rights, our safety and existence, a demonstration for International Women’s Day must be one of protest against racism, fascism, and the far right. The recent electoral victory of Geert Wilders marks a dangerous far-right pushback against the rights of women, muslims, lgbtqia+ people, in particular trans people, and all of the working class. This isn’t just a local phenomenon. Wilders’ victory echoes the rise of similar figures like Meloni in Italy and Milei in Argentina. The far-right and fascists globally share a common goal: to divide society, shatter the confidence of the working class, and strengthen capitalism amidst a worsening global crisis.”

Zondag 10 maart
Vanaf 13:00 uur
Grote Markt

De integrale oproep en hun eisen lees je op hun Instagram-pagina.

Eric Krebbers