21 november, Amsterdam: bijeenkomst over kunst als protest tegen Zwarte Piet

Stukje van de banner, de complete vind je onderaan.
Stukje van de banner, de complete vind je onderaan.

Op 21 november organiseert New Urban Collective (NUC) in de Universiteit van Amsterdam de bijeenkomst “Black Pete belongs in the museum”, met documentairemaker Bibi Fadlalla en beeldend kunstenaar Patricia Kaersenhout. Tijdens de bijeenkomst wordt Fadlalla’s film “Zwarte Piet & ik” vertoond, houdt Kaersenhout een praatje over kunst als verzet en vindt er een gesprek plaats tussen de sprekers en het publiek over de toekomst van de beweging tegen Zwarte Piet. In het kader van “The future of Black Pete” organiseert NUC op 25 november nog een tweede bijeenkomst.

Maandag 21 november
Van 18:30 tot 22:00 uur
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Doelenzaal in de Universitaire Bibliotheek
Singel 425, Amsterdam
Aanmelding verplicht

Uit de oproep: “For many Dutch people Saint Nicolas, including Black Pete, is a tradition that is related to warm childhood memories and a sense of belonging to Dutchness. However, for a growing group of opponents it brings up memories of the colonial past, it is a form of blackface and it symbolizes institutional racism and structural inequality in contemporary society. Over the past decades people have voiced their concern about the tradition in different ways, from protests to petitions, from intense debates to open dialogues. There has been a shift and change Is gradually happening, but the ‘Black Pete debate’ continues to be a heated debate.

Traditionally art has been an important tool of resistance. Art has been an expression of what happens in society but also a source of inspiration for social movements. Art can reach and connect individuals and communities on levels that other forms of communication can’t and art has often allowed the voiceless to be heard. During the event ‘Black Pete belongs in the museum’ we will investigate the role of art and the artist in social change and in the Black Pete debate in particular.

Documentary maker Bibi Fadlalla and visual artist Patricia Kaersenhout will show some of their artistic work and we will have an open dialogue between the artists and the public. In addition, we will have a panel discussion and collective reflection about racism, inequality and the social movement against racism and black pete and the Netherlands around ’the future of the movement against Black Pete’.”

Harry Westerink

Integrale banner.
Integrale banner.