At about 1.30am they told us the flight had been cancelled

I have been in the UK since 2010. In 2015 I claimed asylum, they asked me to sign at the immigration centre every week, later this was changed to once a month. I have done this until 2016, when I had an interview in Croydon. They refused my asylum, but the last thing the Home Office said to me, is that they would not take me away from the UK. In February 2017, I was at home, I heard a knock at door, there were ten police officers, and two immigration officers. They took me to the police station, and from there to Colnbook detention centre. After one month they still did not release me. I have a three month old baby. My baby was in hospital for one month when I was in the detention centre. After one month, they gave me removal directions to Nigeria for the 28th of March. I contacted my solicitor they sent information about my situation to the Home Office but they ignored it. If they take me back to Nigeria – what about my three month old baby? My partner is HIV positive, she is not working – she has to look after the baby, because of her medical condition, she can not cope without me. She is crying everyday. What happens if I am deported away? Last night, they called my name around 5pm to get on the coach and go to Stansted airport. Once we got to Stansted, the officers told us there was a “small delay”. We couldn’t see the protesters from the coach. On the bus there was one guard to each person. You need two guards to go with you to toilet on the coach, they come into the toilet with you. There were maybe thirty people on the coach. The were different coaches from different detention centres. The guards did not tell us what was happening. At about 1.30am they told us the flight had been cancelled. We got back to the detention centre at about 4.30am. We are very happy about the protesters. Now we want to be released. We are not criminal. I never committed any crime. If anyone can help us to get released from detention we will be really happy.

In At about 1.30am they told us the flight had been cancelled (Detainedvoices)