Athene: rellen na ontruiming kraakpanden van vluchtelingen

Earlier today we reported that the “liberal” and wanna be leftwing Syriza government evicted 2 squats in Athens, Greece. More than 200 people were detained during the evictions, About 100 of them were released again. Refugees with papers were released, “non-citizens” without papers will be send to “hotspots”.The Greek state also raided a self-organized center in the city of Agrinio today. The cops vandalized the venue and stole 600 euros. Several thousand people protested in Athens against the evictions tonight. Clashes broke out after cops attacked the demonstration with teargas (…) The repression of social liberation movement and the destruction of the occupied spaces of refugees and immigrants will not be left unanswered. The Greek Left government chose at the dawn of 13/03/2017 to listen to the commands of the conservative right and the neo-liberal Media of Mass Manipulation and attack against two occupations of the broader social movement in Athens, Greece. Police raids are an ideal example of the policy imposed by the domination during our era: when we sleep the State continues working against all of us. The occupation at the beginning of Acharnon Street, very near to the old Villa Amalias squat in the center of Athens was – with the joys and sorrows of the past year – a real school for all the local solidarity activists that took part in the titanic struggle offering assistance to refugees outside the mechanisms of the regime as humans to humans the last years. The occupation of Acharnon was the first example of direct, autonomous and unmediated self-organization of refugees without the presence and participation of local activists. It was a self-organized space of immigrants and refugees by themselves for themselves and this is why it was hit directly by the state.

In #Athens #Greece: Cops Attacked Demo Against Evictions Of #SquatsGR (Enoughisenough)