Britse dwangarbeid-profiteurs ‘named and shamed’

The UK’s most vile form of workfare was the 6 month full time unpaid Community Work Placements (CWP) mandated by Jobcentre’s. Whilst the CWP scheme is now defunct the spectre of forced labour was institutionalised by the Liberal Democract and Conservative coalition administration with the 2012 Welfare Reform Act. On March 15th 2017 the DWP named and shamed employers who exploited conscripts, including a number of anti-workfare hypocrites. Below the DWP’s workfare gangmasters are named and shamed, special mention must go to G4S as the overseerer of the vast majority of workfare in collusion with it’s numerous sub-contractors. Oxfam has been one of the most vocal against workfare, but it is more than puzzling how it hosted CWP in 18 locations and doing so with 11 different gangmasters? Let alone ‘Sue Ryder‘ in 33 locations… Do not forget: When DWP piloted CWP one of it’s first conscripts Jamieson Wilson refused outright to work unpaid for six months, which resulted in his benefits being stopped (sanctioned), which was then challenged in the courts with the landmark ‘Poundland‘ case.

Frank Zola in Workfare gangmasters, named and shamed (Mrfrankzola)