Doorbraak-actie ook in kader van Transnational Social Strike #1M #TSS

Why a transnational day of coordinated actions against borders and precarization in Europe? “Because national social and labour policies are placed inside a European framework, precarity is organized along transnational chains of production and exploitation and migrant labour and migrants’ mobility are challenging the European order and austerity regime as never before. While the EU and its member states are struggling to control and govern mobility for the sake of profit, we need to experiment new forms of transnational organization and action. We don’t want to save this Europe, but we refuse the idea that national sovereignty can be a solution in the direction of freedom against exploitation. We don’t want to save Schengen by securing external borders, we want freedom of movement for all. For these reasons, we will take a stance on the side of migrants and we will claim a European visa without restrictions.” Why the 1st of March? “Because on the 1st of March 2010, after a call from France to organize a migrants’ ’24 hours without us’, in Italy a nationwide political strike against the immigration law was organized by a broad coalition. From that day, we take the strength of migrant labour and its capacity of being the point of connection among different places and conditions. On the 1st of March we want to take back the idea of the migrant strike and extend it to all the social figures that are suffering the austerity measures and border regime today, since only creating a large social front we can have the strength to fight for our rights.

TSS in 1st of March: Map, Q&A and list of initiatives (transnational-strike)