Frontex-medewerkers aanwezig bij marteling van vluchtelingen voor Macedonische politie?

When one of the central figures of the protests, a Syrian activist, was allowed to cross the border legally in the night from the 3rd to the 4th of March 2016, the Macedonian police shut the door behind him and, according to an eyewitness, charged towards him and at least one other refugee – person Y – present at the scene. First, one officer hit person X in the face. Then, different police officers beat his legs and dragged him behind the official containers, where, according to his own account, he was flogged with sticks whilst naked. Person Y was brutalised with electro shocks on his head, amongst other places. Person X was able to see how his friend repeatedly flew up in the air because of the electro shocks. In the course of the 20 minutes torture session, the police took all of person X’s papers. Person X was then brought back to the Greek side of the border, whereby one Macedonian police official whispered the death threat “I will kill you” into his ears. It was only when he reached the Greek side that Person X was treated by the doctors of MDM (Médecins du Monde) and subsequently brought with the ambulance to a hospital nearby. Due to the beating, he suffered a crack of a bone in his neck. In the meantime, he has been questioned in the hospital by the Greek police. The second victim, person Y, fled back to the Greek side of the border and was treated in the camp as well. He is nearly incapable of moving and the side of his body is covered by wounds because of the use of force on him (…) One eyewitness, who observed the events through the fence, reports that in the night of the happenings there were not only Macedonian police and military officers present at the border. According to his account, international police officers were also present. He was able to distinguish them due to their different badges but was unable to discern their exact nationality. However, these international officers did not intervene in the abuses described above. On the blog, the countries of which border guards were photographed near to the border in the last days are the following: Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Serbia. On the 28.02, for a short while there was even presence of German Frontex Officers on the Greek side.

Travelling Bureau en Moving Europe in Brutal Revenge Against Protesters: Police Violence at the Greek-Macedonian Border (Moving Europe)