Turkse grenswachten schoten vrijdag minstens 10 Syrische vluchtelingen dood

Turkish border guards opened fire on Syrian refugees from Lattakia and Idlib attempting to cross into Turkey, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Saturday. The guards killed at least 10 refugees and wounded 10 others in the attack on Friday, the Observatory claimed. Ankara, insists that its border force has “outstanding track record” but Turkey has admitted that its border guards have fired on Syrians trying to enter its soil illegally. “In certain cases, the border patrol has no option but to fire warning shots because they often come under attack from smugglers and terrorist groups on the Syrian side,” a senior government official told The Independent. Turkey intensified its border security amid heavy pressure from the EU to stem the flow of refugees, who set off from Turkey’s western coast towards Europe. But recent attacks on Syrian refugees trying to cross into Turkey have widely circulated.

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