F*word: “Yes, white cis males get exploited, but the rest even harder” (video)

The speech by WT of F*word, last Sunday at the Mayday celebration in Utrecht.

Today we are celebrating Mayday. Its weird we aren’t free on this day in the Netherlands. Instead we are free on a day of to celebrate the birthday of a parasite named Willem-Alexander. Fuck the monarchy!

Anyway, I want to talk about labour and feminism. Labour and feminism? Does this go together? In a perfect world: yes. The world we are living in right now: no. Because if you aren’t a man, people won’t take you seriously. Not only with labou, but also inside activism.

Job applications are mostly targeted at white cis males, which means they got a higher chance of getting the job. But even when flinta* people or men of colour get the job, they experience sexism, transphobia or racism in every form possible, as well as sexual haressment or sexual assault in the working space.

For example: all of the the shit which is going on at the Voice of Holland and Johan Derksen, who thinks he is funny. It’s ridiculous flinta people who apply for the same job earn less money. Whoever is made manager or ceo is expected to behave like a white cis male, even when they’re not. To get to the position of a white cis male inside a business you have to fight hard and have to behave like one of them.

We aren’t saying white cis males don’t get exploited in this capitalist bullshit we are living in; the rest is getting exploited even harder. This inequality is made by capitalism and the state to divide and conquer the working class. Don’t let it divide us. To fight capitalism, we have to unite. Anarchist, communist, socialist; workers of the world unite in equality.

White cis male, behave! Speak up to your friends when they’re behaving toxic. Know and check your privilege. Just because you are an activist, doesn’t mean you are a feminist. Talk openly about abusive behaviour and learn from it. Because otherwise it will divide us in our struggle against capitalism.

Fight the police, fight your boss, fight the state and eventually capitalism.

Smash the state and masturbate!




* Flinta: Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans and Agender.

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