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The imaginary democracy of the Left

While Dutch leftwing politicians quickly call to defend our beloved democracy from the attacks of hate, misinformation and conspiracies, grassroots movements like ours are not afraid to say that what happened at Washington DC on Wednesday is the manifestation of an issue inherent in our democracy: white supremacism. It is time for us to recognize that our democracies, in Europe

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Together the movements for refugee rights and climate justice must force leaders to open borders

Last Thursday the Actiefonds and LAB 111 organised a meeting “No borders, no nations!” about the Europan border crisis. In the invitation they wrote: “Last month the Greek refugee camp Moria burned down to the ground, causing more suffering and more moral outrage. The latest event in a long, sad history of human rights’ violations at the European borders, it

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Unions nurturing intersectional solidarity

“We started to think about the strike, because of wages, sick pay. This time teachers and people working in the university started to support us, security, cleaners, everybody knew about this situation. This was very important, it wasn’t only 7 people supporting the strike then. I remember I started to cry from surprise because the union encouraged students, teachers and

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Sign this open letter: “Delfshaven400/Pilgrim Harbour is historical erasure of Dutch colonialism”

To the Mayor and Aldermen, As Rotterdammers, we stand in solidarity with national and local organizations fighting for a radical overhaul of how the Netherlands educates, takes responsibility, and makes reparations for its colonial past and present. With this letter we want to point out that Delfshaven400/Pilgrim Harbour festival is a pro-colonial celebration, subsidised by the gemeente Rotterdam and their

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J.K. Rowling and her attempts to involve cisgender LHB people in her trans hatred

Harry Potter-writer J.K. Rowling published an anti-trans manifesto on her website a few weeks ago, which attracted a lot of criticism, but unfortunately also some support. We don’t link her manifesto here because we consider any dissemination of it to be very damaging. For those who are not so familiar with the world of Rowling and Harry Potter, it is

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We come to Europe to re-appropriate the money that was stolen from our ancestors

The speech by Doorbraak-activist Abdulrazik Khamis at the Refugee Lives Matter-solidarity protest in Amsterdam last saturday, June 20th. Thank you so much for the people who organized this event and thank you everybody for joining us. First, we need thirty seconds of commemoration for people who got killed. For the people who were sleeping in their homes and got bombed.

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The only education we had in high school on racism was some theory fitted in one paragraph

Last Sunday Emily Browne held an inspiring speech at the solidarity protest against anti-black violence in the US and EU in Wageningen. Read and listen to her powerful words. I am not here to convince the people who already acknowledge racism; that it is a complex reality that we can only try to continue to understand and effectively change, but

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20 June, Leiden: solidarity action as a part of World Refugee Day

As a part of World Refugee Day various action and support groups are organizing activities in a number of cities on 20 June, in solidarity with refugees and migrants. Also in the city of Leiden a solidarity action will take place, organized by Extinction Rebellion Leiden, Doorbraak and the Leids Steunloket Migranten. The national coordination of the activities is in

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We can never forget that we’re from the islands because we are constantly reminded of it

Why is it so hard to understand that CENTURIES of European countries practicing and exporting white supremacy on a global scale has resulted in a social, economic and political system that has racism deeply inbedded into its roots? There was NEVER any effort to work away racism, definitely not here in the Netherlands, which still has 6 colonies it deliberately

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“I want to feel free without needing to be brave” – An account of a train journey to Istanbul to join the International Women’s Day demonstration

“Jump, jump!”, it sounds all around us. “Jump!” So we jump, as high as we can, like other women are doing in the streets of Istanbul. It is the night of 8 March 2020, International Women’s Day. Thousands of women gathered to reclaim the streets of Istanbul. During that night, we – all the women of the night march –

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