Greek anti-fascist musician murdered by neo-Nazi thugs

Pavlos Fyssas, a 34-year-old left-wing activist and hip-hop artist, was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn supporters in the Keratsini district of Athens.

It is hardly surprising that the Greek police once again did nothing to prevent Golden Dawn’s fascist violence (Golden Dawn is largely supported by the Greek capitalists, the government and the church, as a willful thug against militants, workers and the poor, and more than half of the police vote for this openly neo-Nazi party) if not actively participating in or covering the organisation of what looks as a death trap for a well-known radical, member of the metalworkers union and antifa hip-hop artist in a working class district, near the spot where a few days ago eight members of the communist party (KKE) were also brutally assaulted by Golden Dawn neo-Nazis.

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