27 October, Amsterdam: meeting about the struggle against budget cuts and workfare in Greece

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On October 27th Doorbraak organizes a meeting in Amsterdam with the Assembly for the Circulation of Struggles (SKYA). Members of this Greek organization are active in a range of struggles against capitalism and migration control. Among others, they support the struggle of refugees, and they are actively resisting workfare. On the meeting members of SKYA will speak about the introduction of workfare as part of the capitalist restructuring connected to the economic crisis.

Thursday 27 October
Start 19:30
Bilderdijkstraat 165a

The meeting will be in English.

Doorbraak organizes two meetings in the Netherlands with SKYA

On Sunday afternoon, October 23rd, there is a meeting in Nijmegen on antifascism and the struggle of refugees in Greece. On Thursday evening, October 27th, the meeting in Amsterdam focusses on he struggle against budget cuts and workfare in Greece.

On September 22nd, two Doorbraak activists spoke in Athens at a meeting organized by SKYA. Their talk was about the struggle against workfare in the Netherlands. Here is their story in English and in Greek.

The economic restructuring in Greece that’s implemented under pressure of the EU has enormous consequences for the people living in Greece, and of course particularly for the working class, refugees and immigrants. Part of this neoliberal project is the introduction of workfare programs. The state now offers jobless people temporary “jobs” with miserable pay and without any workers’ rights. In Greece there is no social welfare, or “bijstand”, as we know it in the Netherlands. For many people the workfare programs are the only source of income and a lot of people have no choice but to participate. According to SKYA these programs creates a new layer of workers without rights. At the meeting, the Greek activists will tell about their resistance against the “reforms” in general and workfare in particular. How do they organize themselves? How do they relate to the unions, the Left-wing SYRIZA government and other authoritarian Left-wing parties and organizations?

In previous years Doorbraak organized interesting and inspiring meetings about workfare with the French group RTO, the German group FelS, and the British group Boycott Workfare.

Eric Krebbers
(Translation by Joris Hanse)

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