Britse rechter: dwangarbeid gaat in tegen mensenrechten van werklozen

“This case is another massive blow to this government’s flawed and tawdry attempts to make poor people on benefits work for companies, who already make massive profits, for free”. So said Public Interest Lawyers yesterday after the High Court ruled that the government’s emergency retrospective legislation, introduced in 2013 – so as to apply thousands of unlawful sanctions to claimants – is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights… it is now an indisputable fact that all those organisations that have been involved in using and implementing workfare – from A4e to Asda to the Salvation Army – have been involved in depriving people of their human rights. They have been supporting an illegal government policy and, in the case of so called anti-poverty charities such as the Salvation Army, they have helped to illegally stop people getting the social security payments they were lawfully meant to receive.

Boycott Workfare in Sanctions and Workfare: Incompatible with Human Rights (BW-website)