Nederlandse oorlogsmisdaden in Takokak

Later Andin found out those poor people had been taken to Padakati, the kampong closest to the forest. From there they were ordered to walk about three kilometers deep into the forest. At a spot called Puncak Bungah they were all executed and their bodies thrown from the cliff. “We knew all of them were shot because the gunshots were heard in the nearest kampong to Puncak Bungah”, Andin says. Puncak Bungah and Ciwangi (where Yusup and his friends found five dead bodies) were not the only crime scenes in the Takokak area. In Pal I Cienggang, Gamblok, Cikawung and Pasirtulang also massacres took place. In Pasirtulang most probably the highest number of casualties occurred. “The human bones we found at Pasirtulang, it were so many… almost one hundred victims”, says Ukun, ex village head at Takokak.

Hendi Jo in Horror in Takokak – part 1 (