Protests erupt in Morocco following fish vendor’s brutal death in garbage compactor

This is the latest in a series of protests that have rocked Morocco in the past few years. Earlier this year, thousands of student trainees took to the streets to protest against government cuts, which they say have made it harder for them to find jobs in education. Protests against police brutality in general and the practice of “hogra” (humiliation) in particular have become all too common in Morocco. Since 2011, more than a dozen Moroccans set themselves on fire out of desperation. In April 2016, a woman street vendor set herself on fire when police confiscated her bread and cake. That same month, a street vendor also immolated himself after his motorcycle was confiscated. In 2015, street vendors in Casablanca unified to protest against the constant harassment by police. This union was caused by the arrest of street vendors in Casablanca. Street vendors are systematically harassed, beaten and arrested. In 2013, three cases of self self-immolation were reported by women who say the justice system failed them. Amina Fillali, who was forced to marry her rapist back in 2011, killed herself in March 2012. In August 2016, a girl committed suicide after her eight rapists were released by police and threatened to post pictures of her being raped online.

Mariam Elmaslouhi in Protests Erupt in Morocco Following Fish Vendor’s Brutal Death in Garbage Compactor (Globalvoices)