Syrisch vluchtelingenkamp in Calais door de politie vernietigd

At around 8:00 am this morning the largest of the three camps in town, inhabited by up to 300 Syrians, was evicted in traditional Calais style. A large contingent of Gendarmes, Police Nationale and BAC (undercover police) woke people up, giving them very little time to gather their belongings, and told them to go to the Jungle, the former landfill site on the outskirts of the town that serves as the only place where migrants will be tolerated. The Syrians chanted “no Jungle, no Jungle!” and sat down. They also linked arms across a bridge. The police attacked and pepper sprayed them and they moved en masse in the only direction open to them: the jungle. They were frogmarched the 2.5 miles to the Jungle with a convoy of Gendarmes behind them. One man pictured below wearing a suit and a tricolore sash, appeared to be calling the shots all day. For many of the Syrians, this was their first time at the camp and they were unsure what to do. On arriving at the Jungle, the police turned their attention to the dozens of tents pitched by the new arrivals at the entrance and told people to move everything back to the Jungle. A crowd from the Jungle gathered in front of the police lines. Giving people almost no notice, the police started ripping up tents and pushing people back.

In Syrian camp destroyed; fascism alive and well in Calais (Calais Migrant Solidarity)