The biggest attack on wages yet, sectors with high vacancies to get thousands of workfare workers

In 2011 lying bastard Chris Grayling, then the Minister for Employment, launched Sector Based Work Academies, saying that they would be targeted at “sectors with high volumes of current local vacancies”. You read that right. Not areas of high unemployment, but the opposite, places where there are already lots of jobs. Sector Based Work Academies can involve up to six weeks full time unpaid work and do not come with a guarantee of a job on completion. So in sectors that are doing well, and that can afford to employ staff, the Government is encouraging employers to take on workers for free instead. Workers that are funded by the tax payer and expected to survive on the pittance of benefits, just £57.90 a week for under 25s. There has rarely been a more transparent measure to force down wages. If greedy employers were expected to live by the same free-market principles inflicted on everyone else, then when demand for workers went up, they would have to provide better training and higher wages. But the government are saying save your money, have a load of tax-payer funded free workers instead. Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers are not the poor, but high street names like ASDA and Poundland. Unpaid work for private companies is officially voluntary, and even illegal under minimum wage laws unless organised by the DWP. But those who refuse corporate workfare face being sent on other mandatory forced work schemes for so-called community organisations.

Johnny Void in The Biggest Attack On Wages Yet, Sectors With High Vacancies To Get Thousands Of Workfare Workers (thevoid)