Vanaf volgend jaar moeten in Engeland ook kinderen aan de dwangarbeid

School-children as young as 12 are to face Jobcentre harassment coercing them to join unpaid work schemes when they leave education the DWP have announced today. Jobcentres busy-bodies are to be sent out into schools in a chilling move that Iain Duncan Smith has pledged will have a “dramatic” impact on the nation’s children and encourage social mobility. Yet this, of course, is a bare-faced lie. There is no mention of going to college, university, or even starting a real job in today’s gushing DWP press release announcing the scheme. Instead children will be encouraged into unpaid Work Experience, unpaid traineeships, or poverty paid so-called Apprenticeships which are little more than an excuse for companies like McDonalds to dodge paying their workers the minimum wage. This scheme is merely the latest shabby attempt to indoctrinate young people into accepting the life of low paid, insecure, shitty jobs – or unpaid workfare – that the Tory Party have planned for the working class. The good news is that only one school has agreed to take part so far, the Holy Trinity Catholic School in Birmingham (…) This ideological campaign comes in advance of plans to force all young people into unpaid work for private companies if they are unable to find a job. From 2017 policies aimed at compelling those under 21 to “earn or learn” will mean vicious benefit sanctions for those who refuse to work for free. And when the Tories talk about learning what they mean is stacking shelves in Poundland for no wages.

Johnny Void in They Are Coming For Our Kids! Jobcentre Harassment To Start From 12 Years Old (The void)