10 juni, Rotterdam: protest “Justice for Sanda Dia”

“My heart broke last week after hearing the 18 murderers of Sanda Dia only got community service and a €400 fee. I feel scared for my fellow Black people in Benelux. I feel angry at the Belgian justice system and I feel the need to let our voices be heard”, aldus de oproep van INDIGOO7 op Instagram. Het is het tweede protest. Op woensdag 7 juni wordt er gedemonstreerd in Den Haag.

“I’m getting extremely tired of Europe acting like systemic racism isn’t a thing over here when this is a perfect example of institutional racism. I would like to invite you to imagine if the roles were reversed: 18 Black men torturing a white guy to his death. Do you think they would’ve been able to walk free for 5 years as they wait for their trial? Would the media blur their faces and leave their names out of the news?

We cannot let situations like these go unnoticed. We cannot continue to let this white system walk over us and act like this is okay. Classism is a part of this, yes. But we cannot act like this is not an act of racial INJUSTICE.

I would like to invite you to come protest on Saturday, June 10th, starting at 1pm (13:00) at the new statue of the Black woman at Stationsplein at Rotterdam Centraal. Please bring sun hats and sunscreen as it will be very warm. I will make sure there’s plenty of water.

Zaterdag 10 juni
Vanaf 13:00 uur
Voor het Centraal Station


If you are interested in watching a reconstruction of Sansa’s final 48hrs or listening to a podcast of the horrifying facts that have come to light about the case and Reuzegom, please follow this link. also: looking for volunteers to set up earlier and looking for speakers, about the issue, or spoken word regarding racial injustice 🤎”

Eric Krebbers