25 September, Leiden: Queer Pride March

Pride began as a protest. It was about keeping your community safe and empowering folks. There hasn’t been any such protest in Leiden for 40 years.

It’s our duty to bring critical pride back to Leiden. Not just to celebrate our community, the people, and events who brought us together, but to shine a light on queer power, intersectionality, and the road ahead. Empower the voices of the most vulnerable among us. Do not let their oppression be invisible.

Point back to the countercultural roots of pride as a protest and talk about how the same struggles of the past are still relevant to us today. Show your support – be there!


With the support of the queer activism collective @xCC_Leiden @leidenpride @leidenvoor14 Doorbraak and Leiden Bij1

Saturday 25 September
Starting at 14:00
Molen De Valk, Leiden

#queerleidenmarch #leidenpride #queerpower