Analogies, a way to use the oppressed for your cause

If we then turn to the analogy that I hear a lot in mainstream veganism, where things are stated as “we abolished black slavery, so now we need to abolish animal slavery” the same thing applies. The suffering of Black people is used to make a point on how non human animals are treated in the “western” animal industry. Isn’t it odd that most people who use this analogy are white and never speak out against racism (yes I am talking to you white Black Pete loving vegans who also never open up their mouths about the conditions of the workers in the animal industry that are mainly immigrants and PoC) but when you want to make a point about veganism you do not hesitate one bit to use Black people. Furthermore, when I point this out, I am called a speciesist. Wait, so you think that the suffering of non human animals only ‘counts’ when you refer to it by using human animals in the hope to get some sympathy from human animals (because you are making it into something about them instead of about the non human animals), but I am the speciesist? Furthermore, who exactly put an end to the slavery of Black people? We do all know that Black people fought hard for this right, or have we suddenly forgotten this and do we truly believe that it was some moral conviction of whiteness that ended slavery. I have important information to share: No, it was not because of moral reasons that the slavery of Black people was abolished.

Ramona Sno in Analogies, a way to use the oppressed for your cause (dis/content)