De Britse reïntegratie-industrie is een grote oplichtersbende

The way the welfare to work industry scam works is simple. The real profit in lucrative government contracts to ‘help’ people back into work is not made supporting the most marginalised benefit claimants or providing quality training. The money comes from finding those who would have got jobs anyway and then claiming huge job outcome fees when they secure employment. Sometimes the welfare to work company doesn’t have to do anything at all. Leaked documents from the fraud ridden A4e even instructed their staff on how to claim job outcome payments when someone referred to the Work Programme found work themselves before they had even started on the scheme. A4e in this case would have done nothing at all other than persuading someone to sign a piece of paper to say they had started on the Work Programme. Bribes are often used to secure signatures like these (…) The welfare-to-work industry has been given billions of pounds of tax payer’s money over the years to operate what is little more than a giant benefit scam. Prior to the launch of Tony Blair’s New Deal, the sector did not even exist yet unemployed people still managed to find jobs without any help at all from a Work Programme busy-body. But the government’s intention in funding the sector is not about finding unemployed people jobs. Welfare-to-work, and workfare, benefit sanctions and all the human misery that comes with them, are firstly about establishing the workhouse principle of ‘less eligibility’. This means ensuring that the life of an unemployed person is ‘less eligible’ or more shit, than the life of the lowest paid worker. It is intended not just to punish the poor but impose workplace dicipline in everybody else. And this is the second function of welfare-to-work. It is the PR wing of capital, encouraging and enforcing people to work in shit jobs, to never complain, to not ask for more and accept the life of low paid drudgery that makes those we work for so rich.

Johnny Void in How The Welfare To Work Industry Is Ripping Off The Tax Payer #esday16 (TheVoid)