De strategie van de “Wall Of Moms”

Other cities where chapters have formed include Seattle, Kansas City, Denver, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee, as well as regions of New Jersey. On the WOM website, the organizers outline how these groups should work: “We listen to Black leaders. We are here to follow their direction, behind the scenes and at the justice center [in Portland]. We go where they tell us.” “Our goal is to push the media to turn the focus where it belongs: Black leaders”, continues the description on the website. “We will use our white bodies, not our white voices.” Referring to founding organizer Barnum, the site says “Bev’s vision was that we moms would take some physical hits in hopes our Black and Brown kids, friends, neighbors and loved ones will be spared some pain. To summon that mom warrior spirit to protect our kids – ALL our kids. To let the Feds/cops hit, gas, shoot us first. Not to be the voice of the movement.” The moms also acknowledge their privilege, writing: “A lot of us haven’t put our bodies in harms [sic] way like this. It’s really scary and awful. But it’s what’s been happening to Black and Brown bodies for years.” Federal agents haven’t held back with violence against the Wall of Moms. Tim Dickinson, a senior writer for Rolling Stone based in Portland, wrote about a mom who was shot in the face at the protests Saturday. The woman described herself in a Facebook post about the shooting “as a 41 year old white woman with immense privilege”. Another mom, Gia Gilk, organized her own WOM chapter in Albuquerque, New Mexico – which is also one of the cities where Trump has said he’s sending federal agents. Gilk told Newsweek that “the whole point of the Wall of Moms is to be of service to the Black Lives Matter group, and so we don’t plan [our own events]”.

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