November 12, Amsterdam: decolonial anti-racism block at climate march

On Sunday November 12 there will be another national climate march in Amsterdam. At the previous climate march in Rotterdam, we led the way with a very loud and powerful decolonial anti-racism block. This time we will join the march again! We are bringing together as many decolonial, indigenous and anti-racist organizations as possible to claim a space for climate justice in the climate struggle. Doorbraak is co-organizing the block and calling on everyone to join in!

Last year Chihiro Geuzebroek (one of the organizers) explained in this article why such a block is desperately needed, and that article has lost none of its urgency, quite the contrary. During the march we pointed out that there is still a lot wrong with certain racist green NGOs, that much of climate politics is colonial, how green media also tell a whitewashed story, and how the richest people in our colossally unequal society, both in the Netherlands and worldwide, are responsible for the lion’s share of emissions and pollution.

Here is the full text of the call out for the block in Dutch (and here English). And here’s this text in Dutch.

Would you like to support the block as an organization? Send us an email at (or contact us through one of our social media channels)! You will then be sent materials to promote the block, your organization will be featured at the Facebook event, and we will communicate externally that you are participating. Also, if you would like to contribute as an individual, please send us a message!

Sunday November 12
From 12:00 tot 12:30
(In front of) Brakke Grond
Nes 43, Amsterdam
Gathering for the decolonial anti-racism block

Climate March
Starting at 13:00
Dam, Amsterdam

Joris Hanse