Vereniging van fascisten en nazi’s krijgt 400 duizend euro subsidie van de EU

The APF is an association of European nazis, fascists and Holocaust deniers. Their chairman is Roberto Fiore, a terror convict and veteran of the European far right. In the 1980s, he and his group Terza Posizione were linked to the Italian fascist terror organization NAR, Armed Revolutionary Nuclei. The organization carried out a number of terror attacks in Italy. In 1980, NAR blew up a railway station, killing upwards of 100 people and injuring some 200. After the attack, Fiore fled to the United Kingdom. He was tried and convicted in absentia in Italy and sentenced to nine years in prison for organizing an armed group and for possession of explosives. Fiore evaded justice, returning to Italy only in 1999 once the statute of limitations for his crimes had expired. He then founded the fascist party Forza Nuova, of which he is still the leader. The Swedish nazi Stefan Jacobsson is secretary general of the APF. Previously, he led the nazi Svenskarnas parti (Party of the Swedes) and has a long history in the white-power movement. In the early 2000s, he held a leading position within the militant nazi Svenska Motståndsrörelsen (Swedish Resistance Movement) (…) The APF has had dealings with top officials of the Assad regime in Syria. In 2015, Nick Griffin and Roberto Fiore among others traveled to Syria. The visit was used as a propaganda tool by Syrian state media in an effort to “prove” that the Syrian government enjoys international support, and is being subjected to an “unjust” war headed by the United States and Israel. Support for Russia is another central pillar of the APF. The European party’s action plan includes “deepened relations with Russia” and “diplomatic missions in Syria”. Party documents frequently feature antisemitic conspiracy theories and racist notions of an alleged “Jewish agenda” to decrease the birthrate of “white children”.

Expo in European fascist and neo-nazi association gets vast EU-subsidy (Hope not hate)