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Whitewashed environmental media

Why would the decolonial anti-racism bloc of the climate march criticize ‘green’ media during the protest in Rotterdam? Surely green media also wants to go green? On the banner we see the logo of Trouw’s Sustainable Top 100 as a textbook example of problematic green media. Why? What the Sustainable Top 100 does is to narrow the frame for bourgeois

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USP: “The autonomously organized refusal of our labor is the weapon we wield against apartheid” (video)

The speech by Itaï van de Wal of Utrecht in Solidarity with Palestine (USP) at the MayDay celebration in Utrecht. Last year in May, 2021, on May 18 Palestinians from the river to the sea went on a general strike. This marked the instigation or the birth of the Unity Intifada. They protested the apartheid and settler colonial regime that’s

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F*word: “Yes, white cis males get exploited, but the rest even harder” (video)

The speech by WT of F*word, last Sunday at the Mayday celebration in Utrecht. Today we are celebrating Mayday. Its weird we aren’t free on this day in the Netherlands. Instead we are free on a day of to celebrate the birthday of a parasite named Willem-Alexander. Fuck the monarchy! Anyway, I want to talk about labour and feminism. Labour

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Horeca United: “We are the people sustaining this industry, we are horeca!” (video)

The speech by two members of Horeca United, last Sunday at the Mayday celebration in Utrecht. Hello, we’re Horeca United, a newly founded collective of hospitality workers, for hospitality workers by hospitality workers, in Amsterdam. Together, we’re building a grassroots solidarity network for everyone employed in the hospitality service. Our goal is to create better working conditions, because it’s bad

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Doorbraak and #voor14. On the tension between movement and union

It’s time for a first retrospective on the #voor14 campaign, seen from Doorbraak. Of course we cannot evaluate the campaign as a whole, because we were only a small part of it and the FNV was not always very transparent towards the grassroots. But what we can talk about was our role in Leiden, where we took the initiative, and

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Queer Pride March Leiden: “We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people”

This call for support and solidarity deserves an intersectional approach. This is our statement: Amidst destruction and terror caused by Russian occupying forces, Ukranian people are bravely defending themselves and organizing internationally to stop the war and support those affected by it. People in Russia too are protesting against the war and are facing violent repression. We want to amplify

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Support Operation Solidarity, an Ukrainian grassroots initiative

On the 24th of February the looming nightmare of a Russian invasion in Ukraine became reality. After years of war in the Donbass region, in which the Russian army was covertly involved, the kleptocratic dictatorial regime of the Russian Federation has overtly attacked Ukraine. This crime is a continuation of the imperialist aggression that the Russian Federation has enacted on

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