No to the agreement in Sudan

The author at one of the actions in front of the ICC in The Hague.

To begin with: the Sudanese revolution is already stolen. The biggest problem is that the people who were not accepted, and will never be accepted, by the entirety of the revolution of Sudan are claiming to lead it. The most devastating thing they have ever done is the agreement with the regime of Omar al-Bashir!

The leaders of the revolution are not only mistaken, but they committed one of the biggest crimes in the world history of revolutions, and that’s the agreement with the same Al-Bashir regime that oppressed and killed us and took the country hundreds of years back!

We, the revolutionaries, have seen that most of the people who have come to lead the revolution don’t have political backgrounds. Their political visions are not for the benefit of all the Sudanese, but mostly for themselves. But they will be in the newly established Sovereign Council, which is supposed to represent us all. With them will be five people who were in the security committee of the Al-Bashir regime. The former dictator signed 45 agreements during his regime, but obeyed none of them. So it’s clear that signatures by these people mean nothing.

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There are millions of people who say: anyone who agrees with the Al-Bashir regime doesn’t represent me. Only corrupted people can agree with these corrupted rulers. And I am one of these millions.

It’s clear that the main goal of the revolution, like all revolutions in history, was to remove the entire regime, to cut it into pieces and bring the rulers to court. The goal of our revolution wasn’t some agreement! And it’s not even a real agreement. It’s really just 21 months for the transitional military council to get ready for a coup. The people who support the agreement are climbing in a tree without any roots.

Sudan is in the same situation it was before. Nothing has changed. Al-Bashir is still taking his presidential car to go from jail to court. And he still has the support of the security committee, which the people of Sudan don’t. And there are many people who still support Al-Bashir en call for him to return.

Our soldiers are still fighting in Yemen as if nothing changed. And when something changes it’s only from bad to worse. The agreement is a shame and humiliating, especially if you look at our struggle in recent months and the way we are ending up with this disgusting council. The agreement can achieve nothing. And later we will benefit nothing from regretting and crying.

There is a campaign to make people frightened. In order to have us accept the agreement. It is especially targeted at people who have nothing to do with politics. Revolutionaries are not afraid of losing their lives. The beloved Martin Luther King said that if they told him that tomorrow was the end of the world, he would plant a tree today! We also need the future for our upcoming generations, and our lives are certainly not more important than the lives of those who already died for the revolution, for Sudan. I know there are many people like me, who prefer to die in heaven than to survive in hell! Thomas Edison said that our biggest weakness is that we give up too fast. The surest way to success is to try once more.

I am glad there are many people who feel they have no choice but to take to the streets again. Only our streets can bring Sudan back.

Abdulrazik Khamis