Alledaags deportatiegeweld in Londen

During a raid by the UK Home Office in London Chinatown, a woman was seen protesting by lying in front of the immigration van. Video footage of the woman pleading with officers from the Home Office has been circling social media. In the clips, the woman is seen begging the officers and lying in the road to prevent the immigration van from moving. In a post on Facebook, Kalam Tang described the incident. “Home office immigration officers now make weekly visits to the business in London Chinatown”, Tang wrote. “They wreak havoc on the daily lives of the business owners and employees of the community.” According to Tang, the woman was pleading with officers to release her daughter. “A lady pleads to the officers to let her daughter go”, Tang continued. “She pleads in front of the van.” Tang added that the van hit the woman and law enforcement man handled the woman and other protesters. “The driver reacts by driving the van forward and hitting her, in an attempt to get her to move”, Tang said. “The lady, as well as other protesters, are then man handled by the officers.” “The Chinese community is being aggressively targeted, and it is unacceptable.” Some commentaries were sympathetic towards the woman and criticised the heavy hand of the law enforcement. “They love our Chinese food but they don’t want to let the businesses bring in people to cook and serve it who will do nothing but work hard and pay taxes the whole time they’re here”, Daniel York wrote. “Sad. It was only a matter of time,” wrote Sincere Parks. “They are going to terrorize anyone that isn’t white, it seems, at this point. I hope she is ok and I hope she sues and wins.” “They’ve been trying to gentrify Chinatown and Soho for years now,” commented Karinna Deller. “They’ve managed to get rid of businesses that don’t appeal to tourists, now they’re trying to get rid of people too.”

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