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Two years detention for Sudanese dictator Al-Bashir: a punch in the face of his victims

Recently the former Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir has been sentenced to two years in detention after being found guilty of corruption, receiving illegal gifts and possessing foreign currency. Activists like me are not surprised by this far too lenient decision of the court, which supported Al-Bashir during the period of his dictatorship. The leaders of the Sudanese revolution have consented

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Leiden Pilgrim commemoration changes, but is still colonial

Leiden is going to celebrate colonialism in 2020, during the Mayflower400 commemoration year. 400 years ago the Pilgrims left from the Netherlands to North America, and were one of the early groups of European colonists in North America. We, the Doorbraak chapter in Leiden, are not happy with this commemoration and voiced our criticism in an article that we published

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Let’s stop mourning the old, white working class

This is a very important thread by Luke Pagarani on Twitter (also see below). If we are to understand how the right managed to attract so many voters from traditional Labour constituencies, we first need to acknowledge the huge appeal that racist, xenophobic and nationalist discourse has on white, older working class voters. This is not a uniquely British problem.

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#Mayflower400: Leiden chooses side of the coloniser

In 2020, the journey of the Pilgrims from Leiden, via England, to America will be commemorated under the name “Mayflower 400“. This marks 400 years since the Pilgrims traveled on the fabled “Mayflower” ship. The official narrative is a story of jubilation and success and the two key words of the Leiden commemoration are “Freedom and Tolerance”. This theme year

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Criticism on the Mayflower400 commemoration year in Leiden

In 2020, Leiden celebrates the “Mayflower 400” year, a commemoration of the journey the Pilgrims made to America on the Mayflower four hundred years ago. The Pilgrims were a group of religious refugees who left England in 1609 for the Netherlands. They were very strict in Protestant doctrine, quite fundamentalist and patriarchal from a modern perspective. They lived in Leiden for twelve years, but then

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No to the agreement in Sudan

To begin with: the Sudanese revolution is already stolen. The biggest problem is that the people who were not accepted, and will never be accepted, by the entirety of the revolution of Sudan are claiming to lead it. The most devastating thing they have ever done is the agreement with the regime of Omar al-Bashir! The leaders of the revolution

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Sudan updates – Terrorists in the new Sovereign Council

For us as undocumented, illegalized refugees it’s important that activists, leftist politicians, lawyers, judges and others who care about justice have a good understanding of what’s happening in our countries of origin. I truly believe that a better understanding can lead to more solidarity, changed policies, better legal representation and residence permits. By writing these short columns with updates about

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The Sudanese embassy in The Hague terrorizes undocumented Sudanese refugees

I’m from Ad-Damazin (Blue Nile, Sudan). I’m 7470 km away from my family. This distance is stretched by the difficulties of life here in Amsterdam. Let me explain some of the very hard realities we deal with as Sudanese undocumented refugees in Holland. The Hague has a Sudan embassy. Know why we don’t protest there every week to be in

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May 3rd, Leiden: launch of and how to continue?

On May 3rd, No More Blackface Leiden launches its website This site was created after research on the presence of Black Petes at the Leiden Sinterklaas parade in 2018. During the second part of the event we will have a brainstorm about how we can get rid of Black Pete in Leiden. We will also make some time for

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Nor Zartonk aktivisti Alexis Kalk Istanbul’da Sevag Balıkçı anması sonrası gözaltına alındı

Nor Zartonk aktivisti Alexis Kalk dün Şişli Ermeni mezarlığındaki Sevag Balıkçı anmasından sonra bir süreliğine polis tarafından göz altına alındı. Kalk geçen Cumartesi Nor Zartonk ve Doorbraak’ın birlikte organize ettigi “Ermeni Soykırımı tarihe mi karıştı?” paneline konuşmacı olarak katılmıştı. Sevag Balıkçı, 24 Nisan 2011’de Ermeni Soykırımı’nın 96. yılında, Türk ordusunda zorunlu askerliğini yaptığı sırada, er Kıvanç Ağaoğlu tarafından öldürüldü. Mahkeme

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