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Charge against the monarchy for colonial crimes (video)

This speech was given during Indigenous Liberation Day at the 1492 People’s Tribunal in Amsterdam, on October 12th 2022. The speech is a charge against the (Dutch) monarchy and royal families for colonial crimes against Indigenous peoples and other colonized peoples. Dear judge and jury, I am here to talk about Western royalty. About colonial royalty. From the Spanish empire

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Leiden Against Fascism replies to university: views of FvD are not “striking” but racist

Earlier this week, Leiden Against Facism (LTF) took action against the promotion of a job vacancy of the fascist party FvD by Leiden University’s Career Service Humanities. Although the vacancy was removed on Tuesday, the contents of the response from the university was particularly half-hearted. In a sharp letter, LTF replies. Below you can read full text. First of all,

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Donate. And support Indigenous communities’ fight against deforestation in the Amazon!

In relation to the yearly Indigenous Liberation Day foundation Aralez has started a crowdfunding campaign until 30th of October in support of Chief Dadá Borari, an Indigenous forest defender from the Brazilian Amazon. Donate and support the fight against deforestation. Chief Dadá Borari lives in the municipality Santarém, Para state, Brazil. Known as a lawless state or the Wild West

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Rotterdam: students and teachers protest in solidarity with uprising in Iran and Afghanistan

On Monday October 17, 2022, about 140 students and teachers from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art Rotterdam demonstrated in solidarity with women, students and anti-regime protesters in Iran and Afghanistan. The protest was initiated by two self-organized student initiatives, “Spin” and “WdKA Haven”. They demanded from their own school and Dutch universities to no longer remain silent, and

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The struggle for preservation of historical burial grounds of enslaved Africans

Recently, the St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance sent out a press release about endangered historical burial grounds of enslaved people on St. Helena and on St. Eustatius, a Dutch island in the Caribbean that has been a special municipality since 2010. In the press release, Alliance president Kenneth Cuvalay discusses the struggle for the protection of marginalised African heritage.

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Whitewashed environmental media

Why would the decolonial anti-racism bloc of the climate march criticize ‘green’ media during the protest in Rotterdam? Surely green media also wants to go green? On the banner we see the logo of Trouw’s Sustainable Top 100 as a textbook example of problematic green media. Why? What the Sustainable Top 100 does is to narrow the frame for bourgeois

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USP: “The autonomously organized refusal of our labor is the weapon we wield against apartheid” (video)

The speech by Itaï van de Wal of Utrecht in Solidarity with Palestine (USP) at the MayDay celebration in Utrecht. Last year in May, 2021, on May 18 Palestinians from the river to the sea went on a general strike. This marked the instigation or the birth of the Unity Intifada. They protested the apartheid and settler colonial regime that’s

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