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Queer Pride March Leiden: “We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people”

This call for support and solidarity deserves an intersectional approach. This is our statement: Amidst destruction and terror caused by Russian occupying forces, Ukranian people are bravely defending themselves and organizing internationally to stop the war and support those affected by it. People in Russia too are protesting against the war and are facing violent repression. We want to amplify

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Support Operation Solidarity, an Ukrainian grassroots initiative

On the 24th of February the looming nightmare of a Russian invasion in Ukraine became reality. After years of war in the Donbass region, in which the Russian army was covertly involved, the kleptocratic dictatorial regime of the Russian Federation has overtly attacked Ukraine. This crime is a continuation of the imperialist aggression that the Russian Federation has enacted on

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About the father who says goodbye to his daughter to fight…

Remember this heartbreaking video of a father who says goodbye to his daughter to stay and fight for Ukraine? Well, it turns out that this video was made days before the invasion – in the separatist Donetsk republic. If this man will fight, it is probably on the Russian side. Does this make the video any less heartbreaking? No, it

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Stephanie Eveline Waal: “It is time that we respect, support and protect sex workers”

On February 14th some 40 people protested in The Hague in solidarity with sex workers and especially trans sex workers of color. It was cold and it continually rained, but the atmosphere was energetic and warm. The soup made by members of the Haagse Stads Partij (HSP) certainly helped. There were some very strong speeches. Here’s the one by Stephanie

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Esotericism Studies and Far-Right Academic Networks

At least since the 1990s, academic networks linked to the New Right and neo-fascism are spreading the ideas of authors like Julius Evola, Alain de Benoist and Alexander Dugin. Their common ground is esotericism as understood by traditionalist extremists. By collaborating with leading far-right publishers and groups, they continue to make their respective ideologies acceptable in academic circles, but they

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Decolonize everything – podcasts about decolonization

For this second edition of our podcast reviews, we, Petra and Ronja, listened to podcasts about decolonization. Decolonization is an important topic – even in the podcast world. We chose nine podcasts that we think are worth sharing with you. This time the selection consists mainly of interesting conversations with fascinating perspectives on decolonization. Listening to the podcasts, we became

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xCC: “We must stand up against the injustices and corrupting ways of the university” (video)

Yesterday, on Valentine’s day, Casual Leiden organised an national day of action, alongside the national networks Casual Academy, 0.7, and WoinActie. “The university won’t love you back”, it was called and it was the first moment in the new cycle of struggles against flex contracts for university staff. There was a demonstration outside the Leiden Faculty of Social Sciences, with

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Decolonization of Dutch archaeology

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” (Chinua Achebe) Starting a discussion about decolonization in the Netherlands is almost impossible. Therefore, when excavations are started at an 18th-century burial ground of enslaved Africans on St. Eustatius – without any form of involvement of the direct descendants living on the island

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“Bring back CARE”, a powerful, emotionally-laden and energising protest at Leiden University

TW: sexual assault, rape On the 4th of November, around 150 Leiden University students participated in a protest at the Wijnhaven campus against the University’s lacking sexual violence survivor support system. The student behind the Instagram account drew attention to the discontinuation and defunding of LU’s only sexual violence support group in July 2021. She wrote a letter to

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Looking back at the Leiden Queer Pride March

Some 500 people joined the strong and lively Queer Pride March on Saturday in Leiden. The protest began with speeches by Mila, David and Marty, who spoke on behalf of the Leiden Queer Coalition that organized the march. The images of the March speak for themselves. Yesterday the coalition published this statement about the March. Dear queer community, Together, we

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