95 Vluchtelingen in hongerstaking (München)

From: Striking asylum seekers in Munich – Germany
To: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and Andreas Voßkuhle, President of the Constitutional Court

We are asylum-seekers from different countries who reside in Germany but we don’t want no longer to go on living in isolation in camps, exclusion without of freedom of movement and every night nightmares of deportation. We are not willing to go on living in this situation, even one more day. We are only alive in these conditions while we are well aware of why we are here. We are here because the war, with the weapons and very sophisticated technologies manufactured in your countrie(s), that has destroyed our safety in areas where we were born. We are here because of hundreds of years of colonisation and exploitation and fatal economic boycotts, that have destroyed political and economical infrastructure of peripheral countries. We are here because of your political and economic friendships and supporting dictatorships, far away from “first world” borders, are making it impossible to find ways of forming civil resistance in those geographical areas.

Because of all this, we don’t see how the German governmen t (and other first world governments) is in a position to demand our reasons for being here or judge on the basis of it its own judicial system. We know living in welfare and safety as a right for everybody and for achieving to enjoy our basic human rights (right of staying, right of education, right of working, freedom of movement, right to choose living place and etc.) only one way exists for us and that is the acceptance of our asylum applications.

Today in the streets of Munich, in the heart of the so-called democratic Europe with its human rights slogans scratched to everybody’s psyche, we are starting a hunger strike for receiving our acceptation of asylum (a16) and the government of Germany only has 3 days for realising this demand. Now you are responsible for our life and we want to clarify for everybody whether in the 21st century, the life of a human being is more important or some pieces of paper?

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