Alt-Feminism and the white nationalist women who love it

Of particular interest to me, was Lana Lokteff’s speech “How the Left is Betraying Women”. Lokteff is not a minor figure in the US alt-right movement. In fact, if there is an alt-feminist leadership, Lokteff would be their top figure. She hosts a popular radio show in the white nationalist circuit and is a regular guest of some well known YouTube channels. Sarah Posner interviewed her for her post election profile of the alt-right in Rolling Stone. Lokteff is a Holocaust, Native American and Armenian genocides denialist who also claims she doesn’t “hate Jews”. I have transcribed what, to me, are the salient points of her speech. I believe that these are ideologically important statements that are worth noting since they pick on a number of political issues that are part of contemporary feminism. If we are to understand why white women vote these ideologies aside from the more visible reasons (racism being probably the main one), Lotkeff’s speech can shed light into the attraction of white nationalism and, at the same time, explain why there were so many shocked reactions when white women massively voted for Donald Trump. Lotkeff herself addresses this in the speech saying “It was white women who got Trump elected and to be real edgy, it was also white women who got Hitler elected”.

Flavia Dzodan in Alt-Feminism and the white nationalist women who love it (Medium)