Britse Labour partij wil weer dwangarbeid als ze aan de macht komen (Engelstalig)

On Sunday, the Labour Party, during it’s party conference, reaffirmed it’s long standing commitment to reintroduce forced-labour workfare for benefit claimants, when it next gets into government. Alongside it’s intention to create a new punitive benefit sanctions regime. Labour’s workfare scheme is a retread of the one announced 6 years ago, then as now referred to as a ‘compulsory jobs guarantee’ that must be taken up or “face losing benefits“. When Labour was last in power it included mandatory forced-labour for benefits workfare, under it’s New Deal scheme, which also involved greater numbers of benefit claimants being subjected to financial penalties (Benefit Sanctions), including, for the first time, lone parents and disabled people. Labour’s objective to reintroduce mandatory work for benefits workfare, is despite the fact that Tories have stopped using mandatory work experience or work placement schemes, since effective campaigning and direct action from Boycott Workfare and others forced them to collapse.

Frank Zola in Workfare: Labour confirms it’s commitment to reintroduce mandatory forced-labour for benefits and another punitive benefit sanctions regime, when it next gets into Government (